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Company Profile


Established in 1995, Ningbo KEPO Electronics Co., Ltd is a Sino-Korean Joint Venture with headquarter located in Ningbo China (two hours highway from Shanghai). We have four factories in Ningbo china and another one in South Korea. The company covers an area 16,000 square meters combined with more than 1,000 employees. Our main products include Piezoelectric Ceramic, Piezoelectric Sensor, Buzzer, Speaker & Receiver, Alarm &. Horn and Microphone.



· Sales Programming

1. Customer-centric based service.

2. Establish the integrated sales system for the world-wide clients.

3. Provide our services to world wide manufacturers based on our experience and knowledge with positive results for all parties involved.


· Research and Develop

1. Constant development of new products as technology changes.

2. Intensify the products function; develop the stable and high affixation value of our products.

3. Having knowledge of customers’ requirement, and shorten the development cycle.

4. Establish team work of the application, trend guide, and develop new projects with customers’ preference. Provide a solution for all requirements requested by customers with extreme efforts.

5. Apply ourselves with high advanced technology, and shorten the research and production cycle.


· Core Technology

1. Piezo element: We have the most advanced production line in all of China. Our format, which is imported from Japan, is able to create thinness of 0.05mm with 15mm diameter.

2. Diaphragm design and manufacturing technology of our speaker and receiver.

3. Insert Molding design technology.

4. We have software engineers, able to create programs for different sound and products with our own technology.