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Feb.1995    Establish Ningbo KEPO Electronics Factory

May.1996    Start buzzer production

Jun.1999    Certification of IS09002:1994 ()uality system approval

Sep.1999    Established a 49,000 sq ft.plant(First Factory)

Mar.2000    Developed Piezoelectric Element Production

Aug.2000    Established Kepo Electronics Co; Ltd.

Dec.2000    Established 70,000 sq ft.plant (Second Factory)

Mar.2001    Received Certification and authorization to import and export

Jun.2001    Founded Shenzhen office

Apr.2002    Establish Micro Speaker Technique Center in China

Aug.2002    Received Certification of IS09001:2000

Jun.2003    Established Designing Center in Korea

Jan.2004    Launched RoHS compliance products

Jul.2004    Establish 33,000 sq fl.Micro Speaker Plant (Third Factory)

Feb.2005    Established INSERT MOLDING production line

Jul.2005    Certification of IS0 14001

Sep.2005    Established Joint Venture Company for Microphone products in Ningbo

Jan.2006    Established Ningbo KEST Security Co., LTD.

Mar.2006    Founded branch company in U.S.A.

May.2007   Certified for ISO/TS1 6949:2002. IATF Certificate No.0048630

                    CASC Certificate No.2007A024

May.2008  Established 49,OOOsq ft.plant (Fourth Factory)

Sep.2010   Awarded  “National Hl-TECH Enterprise"

Nov.2010   Set up sales office in Tokyo, Japan

Dec.2010   KEPO technical center was approved as  "NINGBO Municipal Acknowledged Enterprise Leve

                    Technical Center"