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R&D Center

R&D Center

    Each year, Kepo invests five percent of the sales revenue in Research & Development, which we believe is the key factor for KEPO fast developing.

    In order to better meet the needs of customers’ new products, now we have over 50 engineers working in China and 3 engineers in Korea. In 2003, we established a R&D center in South Korea mainly focusing on developing new products, innovating new Technology and researching new materials. In 2005, we also established a R&D center in Ningbo, China, with the aim of developing new products and improving our technology. Meanwhile the Sector of Engineering Technology was set up in each different Division to execute the Innovation and Improvements for Production Technology.

    With the constant efforts, we have already mastered several core technologies, such as the Piezo electric element manufacturing technology, INSERT manufacturing technology, diaphragm manufacturing technology, plastic mold designing technology, equipment’s designing/manufacturing technology, software program design, and other fundamental technology. All of these make us have a stronger core competition.

    We own adequate equipments and apparatus for new products development. Some of them are imported from South Korea, Japan and the United States. This helps to support to meet the needs of all tests, measurements, evaluation and development of new products.

    Our efficiency in designing new products is continually enhanced by constant process improvement for new products development. Generally, it only takes 35 days to come out with samples from the designing of very beginning.