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Talent recruit

Ningbo Kepo Electronics Co. LTD. Was established in February 1996, the headquarters is located in ningbo dongqian lake tourist resort red shu industrial park road schroder 25, is intelligent products and intelligent solution provider, the main production interactive voice products (mainly used in automobiles) and intelligent household appliances products, products and solutions is mainly used in automotive, home appliances, security, health care, smart and wisdom in areas such as urban construction, and the world top 500 enterprises, domestic and foreign well-known enterprises have good relations of cooperation.

At present, the company has four factories in Dongqian Lake area and has a good management system. Since 2010, the company has been awarded as national High-tech Enterprise, Ningbo Engineering Technology Center, Ningbo innovative Enterprise, Dongqian Lake Excellent Enterprise and other titles, and is one of the enterprises with the most intellectual property rights in the region.

By means of artificial intelligence and the Internet of things technology development, the company corresponding cutting-edge industry, the company also entered the fast track of development, the company's main business in the future: "we focus on the voice of the human-computer interaction products (mainly used in automobiles, smart appliances, medical, security, etc) and the intelligent electrical appliance manufacturing, sales and service life.

The company has a good working environment and development platform, welcome the vast number of talented people to join our common development!