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Each year, KEPO invests 8 percent of the sales revenue in R&D , which we believe is the key factor for KEPO fast developing.(或者 The Key factor for KEPO fast developing is each year KEPO invests 8 percent of the sales revenue in R&D.

In order to better meet the customers’ needs of new products, KEPO now have over 43 engineers in R&D Center, who mainly focus on the research and development of new products, new technological innovation and new materials,  also increases the research and development of products and technology upgrading. At the same time, engineering technology departments are set up in each business unit to carry out the innovation of production process and the improvement of production technology.


Through our efforts,the company own multiple core technologies, special equipment design and manufacturing ability, software design,other basic technologies, and core competitiveness.


The company has complete new product development equipment and devices ,has complete software and hardware laboratories, to meet the needs of product development measurement and test.